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To participate as a peer supporter you must have regular access to an internet enabled device. If you are interested in participating as a volunteer for NKF in another program, please visit:
Connection to Kidney Disease

  • NKF PEERS is a peer mentoring program, where kidney patients are connected via phone with trained mentors who have been there themselves. Peer mentors can share their experiences in living well with kidney disease, living on dialysis, or transplant. Peer mentors are also living donors that connect with people who are considering donating a kidney. Peer mentoring takes place over the phone using our free app where we connect people with a trained mentor. The peer mentoring relationship does not have a set time frame, and pairs are free to chat in the app or simply speak on the phone.

  •  The NKF Patient Navigator program provides one on one support to help kidney patients either going through evaluation for transplant or who are already on the transplant waitlist to write and share their story for a living kidney donor. Patient Navigators are living donor recipients who are trained to help step by step with writing and sharing a patient or family member's story over the course of 4 scheduled phone calls via an online website or by phone. Patient Navigators do not need the experience of sharing their story with a lot of people in order to help others find a living donor through this program.

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